Me: …Faith (A pause, sniffles tears) you really think there’s no chance?

Faith: … (Silent)

Me:  I love her, you know that. Always have, she does also …well did

I can’t believe she loves someone else…

Faith: Well she does. All she talks about these days is; how adorable their kids will be

Me: … (Silent, silence). Thank you. (Ends call, sobs)


I was burnt, the tears tore my cheeks and forgot a scar on my heart. I was bleeding, losing blood fast, I passed out. When I stepped out from my house the next day. I got hit by a car. It was that bad. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that she left me. Much worse she loved another. If it was perhaps a falling out, then the break up. That wouldn’t have hurt so much. Just time and the right words, things would get back to normal. But loving someone else? You know, deep down there’s no hope. In my case she fell for him; an “unrich guy”. I began my analysis __a futile effort of recovering my pride from the waste-bin __he hardly wears any wrist watch, his cloth or even wardrobe I dare say where handpicked from “School Road” were used clothes are sprawled on the floor and sold back into slavery. His face, it wasn’t so remarkable as mine. Perhaps it was his brown eyes? I must admit, it was one of a kind. But I am rich for Christ sakes!

Well I have learnt my lesson. Now, I twitch __a certain reflex action expresses itself on me __whenever I hear idiots say; rich guys get all the chicks. That once you are rich, babes will flock around you. Forgive me but I must ask; did my richness come with a different coat?

Why is my case different? A friend drew blood when he said;

“Guy as you fresh like this, get money, come get one ashawo body like this…you suppose get plenty chicks. If you no get, you the fuck up, you the jones. In fact uselessness is your hobby”

I smiled and gave him the eyes; that wink suggesting something crude and informal. Then he smiled and said

Correct guy!

I left a plastic grin on my face and walked out.


I am just curious about life

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