“...Joromi Joromi, I want you to love me Joromi baby, Joro mi joro. Kilode kilode oo why you no dey call me oo… joromi joro, I dey give you signal Joromi…”

Somehow I feel like I discovered Simi. She was like a beautiful instrument lying flat, rusting away on a cold basement alone. I stumbled upon her; sad, quiet and on the cement floor but playing a beautiful tune.

I fell in love instantly. I took Simi. She was mine. Her name only hung on my lips. like a kiss placed by a lover claimed by war. It was just me and Simi, my ear piece and two pillows. We would stay up at night sharing gist. Simi is funny. I imagine the way she would speak Ibo; like a child shy to ask to use the restroom. She too imagined how I would mouth Yoruba. “it would be fast and perfect” like your groans at night. When it tries to uncork itself”.

Simi is a lover that bloomed late. Shy to navigate the dangerous waters of my heart. Till she found a cord that struck. A cord that now still suck. Everything was rosy before the world heard of Simi. Before “fallz dah bald guy found her”. Then she said it was enough. She has had enough of my rooms. Of my annoying Yoruba rants, of my heavy Heart and dusty pillows, Simi peeled off.

The world had stolen her from me, just like the did you. Before I could learn to show you what I feel, understand what it meant and what I ought to do. The world plucked you and you forgot me. You forgot the nights we would stay up talking, the laughter that rocked closed doors. The beautiful flowers you made sure I understood their meaning

Now I only see my beautiful Simi on window panes with her flowing Ankara. Her yellow head-tie. Her lips curved, blowing kisses to every stranger that stopped to look. Simi stole my heart before I could make her solely mine. Now filthy mouths pronounce her name. Dirty eyes pierce through her Anakara. I feel betrayed, Simi had let this happen. Had let the world discover her. She had played me a serious ojoro.

This is for you. The late bloomers ungrateful to the early sun that watched you spread your petals…

(note Simi is used fictitiously to represent a lover)

(image from tooexclusive)

PPS: In the folklore of ancient Bini now know as Benin-City, Joromi was a warrior, a famed wrestler who battled and defeated all possible rivals -who dared challenged him on earth on.

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