Relationships most times is like falling in love with a song. At the beginning, you pause the song at 0:00 and round up with any distractions/ chores. Then lay on your bed and let the song; caress you, snake through your neck to your heart, leaving tiny sparks along its paths and a feeling you just can’t express –not with words anyway or just body movements. But with both. It raves your insides. Makes you sweat and… You just can’t get enough.

Then like every favorite song; you get tired of it, of hearing that particular phrase you fell in love with. That phrase you always laid in ambush for, to complete its’ lyrics even before the artiste does . The phrase when you hear it now –It could be a single lyric like “I am yours tonight, come with the wind… t”(lame I know. Move on). You would wonder if your brain was complete then, If you were psychologically balanced? How the fuck did you get hoodwinked over that trashy lyric? These questions will cause traffic on your brain. Same with love…

You will get tired of the calls and would deliberately let it ring and perhaps, hope it doesn’t ring again. You will get tired of his deep voice… The one you once thought mysterious (probably you’ve uncovered all the secrets). You just get tired of It all. They “Hi’s”, the “I love you too” that becomes an obligation -without which one can’t end a chat and the smug laughter snuggled in here or there.

But there are love that don’t recede back to the ocean of bitter heart aches. Love stories that linger, even when you don’t want it to. Where almost everything reminds you of it. It could be; a laughter, tune, lyric or lightning effect that sends you back down memory lane. And so, I believe just like in music there are classics …songs that will always creep on to you and strangle you even after a long while.

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