Have you ever felt like a robot? Programmed to fulfill only certain expected functions and duties? Programmed to follow a particular path, designed by someone, who although smarter than you, but yet doesn’t understand what it feels like to be you? Have you ever woken up bored? Not because you didn’t hang out with your favorite celebrity in your dream. Nope. Rather you woke up bored, knowing fully well how your day would pan out. You go to work from Monday to Friday (that’s if you even have one), rest and party on Saturday and then church on Sunday. You celebrate new year in January, Easter in April and before you even know it – BOOM! – it’s Christmas in December (oh…don’t forget to throw in all those other mindless public holidays). Are you tired of the monotony created by the cycle of our day to day existence? If yes, please come over to this side let’s take a selfie with our tongues out.
Well, I know the sane ones reading this post will be eager to remind me that doing things in an orderly fashion is necessary for progress and development, and has also served and worked for humanity since time immemorial. However; I think humanity deserves an experimental year. An off-duty period for like. . . a year, where everything as we know it, is turned upside down. Yup, I said it. Like a couple, bored and tired with the tedium associated with their marriage; decide to just take a night off and have a reliving one night stand with a total stranger. A year that doesn’t require the rigidity of the clock; you wake up when you feel like and sleep when your body gives in. ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good evening’ is used at the discretion and convenience of the user –not just because your clock says its seven a.m. or p.m. but because after a long nap, your mind feels like it’s a new day. A year where the concept of weekdays are abrogated and you go to work when you like and choose whichever day that best suits you as a weekend. A year when we don’t necessarily have to act normal because it’s normal to be normal (you can stop in the middle of the road and start laughing loudly because you’re happy or start crying because you’re frustrated and tired). A year where we don’t have to celebrate Easter in April rather we bring out a particular month for the celebration of ALL festivities (Pause. I hope you noticed the emphasis on the word ‘all’). Like the world cup month where every other footballing activity on planet earth is put on hold and the whole world stops and focuses on a particular event; we need a month where Easter, Christmas, worker’s day, teacher’s day, independence, democracy day(I could go on and on) are celebrated in one month. One full month of hardcore, non-stop, full throttle turn-up.
Frankly, we all need this. Call it mayhem if you will. I call it Utopia…

Like an ancient scroll tucked away in the dust-bin of history. I feel, as fate would have it,  a dexterous researcher, would stumble upon this post and maybe, just maybe would advocate for the trial of this theory.
Don’t worry. . .you all can thank me later, or better still; your generations unborn might immortalize me. I know I’m that awesome *winks*.

I lost hope in humanity a long time ago. Now sarcasm is my only defense.

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  1. Reinstatement of fact about God,in local parlence Chukwu. Chukwu in igbo cusmology is the highest and superlative creature of living things,but has divisions or department upon which he operate as to enable him attain to the needs of his creatures. Upon this he made man the overseer of all his creatures. With this according to j. S mbiti he said God is the originator and sustainer of man; the spirits explain the destiny of man;man is the centre of this ontology; animals,plants,and natural phenomena and object constitute the environment in which man lives.according to prof. Canice nwosu. He used ichoka bird to critically expantiate and explain the role of creatures and it’s co-existence with the gods of Ala.Elu, Amadioha /kamanu. These illustrations are to show that Abinitio before the emergent of colonialism which brought about Christian faith,africans especially the igbo indigenous has a polemic analogy and common relationship with the gods. The igbo pantheon of God’s shows thae supreme deity Chukwu who is the primary creature with major divinities like Amadioha and anyanwu as inhabitant of the sky. This co-existence between creatures ND the gods was benevolence when there was a drought here on earth. Ichoka bird was asked to visit kamanu the gods of thunder and pleaded with him for the purpose of sending a heavy downpour.the ichoka bird accepted to help out for the task because to avoid duty when duty calls is to avoid an opportunity to perform a heroic act. Ichoka after considering the above statement pleaded with more feathers as to enable convey it to kamanu. After the journey a heavy downpour greated a decade of drought. With this historical fact you will have to believe with me that Abinitio the God almighty has connections to his people on earth. Then why now do we need mediators who hide under Christian faith to defraud the proleteriate.

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