We Are Made Not From Dust.


I write you about those of us not made of dusts,

Made from sterner stuff like stones,

And how our tear ducts should be deserts.


They say we should not have fears,

Wear our confidence like perfumes,

Use only body spray and nothing else.


How beauty is not for us,

Same as pink and yellow,

Pick black or dark green or dark blue or any other darker shades.


“Please do not find others like you beautiful,

Or you become something less than straight,

Forget that no one bothered finding how much crookedness makes a straight line.


I write you about beasts,

That was created by fairies,

How ‘be strong for us’ means be ‘cruel as hell!’


They will tell you your place is in the fields,

Even if you like the sound of a boiling pot,

You should stay away from it.


How liking your own company means conspiracy,

You should have a little bird,

Chirping on your shoulders like a pirate.


Yes, they will break you like they did me,

Tell you to walk about with the scars on your face,

Because make over is not your lot.


Why do you think Beer was made?

If not to bear with you,

Things Orange Juice should not.


I heard you were writing a dairy,

To what end?

Tell your pathetic story?


In the end no one wants to hear your story,

Take your sorry ass to an altar,

Then give up your sweat to some other fairy.”


We are made of stuffs different from dust,

Sterner stuff like stone,

Our tear ducts are just mere decorations.


I see a fairy buzzing past,

I should adopt her,

And lend her guardian a supportive hand.


I will write you sometime in the future,

About stones and dust,

And how they are the same thing.


Schrödinger’s Pet.


I am just curious about life

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