Oh well! A wise man once said that; “when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it”. While another wise man (probably trying to out do the other) said; “when life puts a wall before you, you build a door yourself and slide through” (*sighs* these over sabi people sef!).

You see; at a point in time, you get tired of complaining about everything in this country. So what do you do? You just pack your bags and relocate permanently to a church vigil, hoping that God would at-least bring the judgement day closer in this country(at least, that’s what I’m planning to do). With that said, I am going to try very very very very hard to sound optimistic in this post. Yep. Optimistic (*rolls eyes*).

The demerits of bad roads in this country have been over-emphasized countless times by numerous analysts. However, I’m not here to follow that trend. When you keep screaming about a particular thing over and over again, it becomes stale. Road contracts are awarded every single year; yet the roads in Nigeria look like they are permanently stuck in time, helpless and incapable of improving. So, instead of harping on how the plethora of bad roads in this country are hindering growth and national development, I am actually going to talk about the benefits. Yep. Benefits.

You know, when you pause and look closely at those bad roads that leave your car in appalling conditions, there are times when you simply thank God for bad roads.
Let me explain…
These often derided bad roads act as natural speed bumps, yet we don’t appreciate it. Have you ever noticed how most drivers deliberately leave their senses at home whenever they want to drive? When roads are smooth and strong, these crazy drivers forget that accidents do happen and as such they speed and overtake cars with reckless abandon; however, when the road is in a horrible shape, these crazy drivers are forced to move at a snail pace, thus saving lives(*applause please* oh yes!, I’m good).

Moving on, we all know that when the roads are good, our cars are spared the trauma associated with rough terrains and as such they rarely develop faults thus denying our mechanics their daily bread. However, when the roads are in terrible conditions, cars easily break down (and when the cars break down, our long suffering mechanics smile to the bank). Mechanics love bad roads, they feed off bad roads; so let’s just admit that these bad roads at least create employment opportunities. After all One man’s pain is another’s gain! We cannot come and kill ourselves in this country jare!

Since these bad roads save lives and also create employment opportunities at the same time. So who needs smooth, strong, safe and durable roads in this country?

I lost hope in humanity a long time ago. Now sarcasm is my only defense.

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