If you want to understand Nigerians, if you truly want to understand why we are so backward, why he have rejected development for so long. Yes Development came to us kneeling down, begging, we just sighed and even nearly stoned development.

If you really want to understand people who ‘people’ this geographical mess called Nigeria, come down to Nigerian roads, leave your houses, leave your country, get your side-stool, bar-stools and keep watch in the Nigerian road. Any road at all. You will see why we are called Nigerians.

Let me explain. Have you ever been in your house, enjoying your favorite Telemundo show? and all of a sudden Nepa takes light. And you sigh angrily and step out, only to discover your neighbor and his neighbor, even your entire street has light except you __well maybe because of some of your village members you refused to dash “one or two” on your last trip has finally remembered you __how do you feel? You at that point as a typical Nigeria won’t even wish for your light to be restored (maybe it’s a minor issue at your change over). No a Nigerian will first wish for fire to burn the transformer or for the transformer to now completely “blow” or even a typical Nigeria is Ready to hire ladder climb up the Nepa pole and then cut all the wires before trying to find out  what actually happened to his. I am sorry but that’s the truth.

This is exactly what happens in a typical Nigerian Traffic gridlock. From afar you would think is an accident, you will be so surprised and shocked to find out it is something so insignificant that shouldn’t  even have caused traffic on a normal day. What am I even saying? There’s no normal day in Nigeria 80 percent of suicide in Nigeria is caused by traffic gridlock (argue with your Nepa company). Don’t go anywhere I have not finished.

So you’re driving and there’s “go slow” in your own lane and the other lane (return lane) with drivers going opposite your direction is free as a bird. It bites you, watching drivers zoom pass you while you’re stuck and then one idiot young man, who is even the same age as your first son is cruising in an Avalon ship and you are sure he is a yahoo guy, nodding to his loud music zooms past you and doesn’t even stop to greet you (no respect) nor even considers you, stuck in traffic…? is it fair? Is it not wickedness? So what do you do? You follow “One way” knowing other bitter drivers like you wold follow suit. Last thing that will happen road will block kpatapata. Next thing you know, the two lanes are blocked. You’re happy now there’s total traffic grid lock. No movement, you smile and scratch your goatee you have accomplished your destiny, the only reason you were brought into this world, you’ve accomplished it –well-done sah!

But why are Nigerians like this? Why does someone’s success get to you in a bad way? Why does your friend succeeding –it may not even be success per-say, just some good or positive news and you have bad dreams about it? It attacks you at night?

Leave sarcasm, let’s get serious. Why are we like this? I know things are hard in this country but this is all we have…this is all we were given. I love this place mehn… there’s joy in sharing in people’s joy. Get off your negative attitude and feel what you’re missing. Cheers….

I am just curious about life

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