If you really want to live a fulfilled life, don’t rush anything. Chill. Relax. You’ll still get your turn. Believe me when I tell you this; you’ll definitely get your turn to do all those crazy stuff you’re being subjected to right now. There’s no point in wondering and fantasizing when you’ll grow up and do stuff. You see, this life is programmed in such a way that certain things are inevitable. Yup. You can’t escape them. Whether you like it or not.
You know how your parents embarrass you before visitors; how they constantly compare you to the kids of every visitor that mistakenly manages to find his/her way into your house (always out to tell you that the other kids are smarter than you) or how they tell the visitors how lazy you are, don’t worry folks, you’ll sure get your turn. That’s right; you’ll get your turn to do same to your kids, you’ll get your own turn to berate your kids as well. You’ll get your chance to lie to your kids, to tell them how you came 1st in every class you were in school (sadly, we all know you’re an illiterate). Dear brethren, there’s no need talking back to your parents or arguing with them whenever they subject you to this kind of treatment. Just bottle it up. Take a deep breath. Calm down. Wait till you get married and have your own kids; then boooooooom! – it’s payback time. Make sure you remind them everyday of their lives that you made your first million while you were in primary school. Tell them how you were very hardworking as a youth, how obedient and loyal you were to your parents (yimu!), how virtuous you were as a youth . . .
You know your family members turn you into a slave whenever there’s a family reunion? How you do all the back-breaking work because ‘you’re the youngest and it’s your duty’. *rolls eyes* Don’t worry man; you won’t be young forever. You’ll grow older and another young one will come along. Then you can think of the silliest errand that a sane mind can conjure up and send that young one to do it. Damn I’m good!
For the ladies, you know how your mothers in-law make you feel like you’re not good enough for their sons? Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn too. You’ll get that chance to remind your daughter in-law how terrible the food she cooks for your son tastes. For the guys; don’t bother impressing your father in-law, just calm down and wait for your future son in-law; he sure does have a lot of impressing to do too. Trust me.
One more thing; it’s called “transferred aggression” and you need help if you agree with what I just posted.

I lost hope in humanity a long time ago. Now sarcasm is my only defense.

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