Right now, I am laughing hard at the contemplation of the subject matter, ‘slaying’. The Nigerian meaning of the word ‘slay’ basically is to “KILL” well,¬†fashionably. A person who slays is called a slayer. But since women are at the center of everything attractive and not men, we often hear ‘Slay Queen’ or ‘Slay Mama’. A slaying man is just called a slayer but I’ve never heard them being described as ‘Slay King or Slay Papa’, If you have, indicate in the comments.
I had laughed at the idea of writing this because it somewhat does not suit my person. But after so much contemplation, I finally realized facts.
1) A slay queen necessarily does not mean you have to date a Gee boy or be a Runs girl
2) Everyone’s grinding on different levels. What matters most is that there is a grinding. You don’t have to envy Natasha because she wears correct designer clothes and yours is the Aba made.(who go know the difference?)
3) Unarguably, this third point is sadly acknowledged nation wide. Most slayers have nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing. They live a picture perfect life and a good look at them twice may push another to join bad gang. Beware!
4) The real slayers don’t even make too much noise. But like I said earlier, everyone’s grinding on different levels.
5) Did you know that slayers could also slay their exams honorably and honestly?I bet you didn’t know. This is to say that slayers are not all dumb people -whose sense ends on what to wear.

Stereotypically, this last fact has posed a select class of people (like me) who do not want to be classified as slayers with somewhat a challenging situation, we’re almost endangered species. Yes, we’re dashingly beautiful and smart, now we can’t just look good without been called or presumed to be ‘Slay Queens’.¬†See, the idea of slaying is just to look good for yourself and those who care to look and maybe you have more followers on the gram. Now a troll, who knows nothing about you comes at you accusatorially, calling you a fake ass or a dumb ass. I mean, that hurts. I get it that we’re supposed to always be in a position where we are unable to give a fuck but dang!, you can’t help it if there’s a growing misbelief about you. So, I rather be called ‘pretty’ than ‘slayer’. That way, I get to keep two things; my prettiness and my good name. Thing is, being a slayer in Nigeria has two things tied to it, either you are honestly wealthy(or your parents are) or you do dirty things just to keep the epicurean lifestyle going. And sadly, the honest slayers are often stereotyped. This essentially happens to ladies and not even men.
If you’re in that class, things will change after you’ve read this. I say, SLAY UNAPOLOGETICALLY(through honorable and honest means, of course). You’re so not alone. Let me know in the comments if you’re stereotyped liked me, so we could form a union. Lol.
Las Las, we are who we are!



  1. Classic!

    I enjoyed reading every bit of this piece. This is beyond an aproko gist.

    To the real slayers I say keep
    SLAYING UNAPOLOGETICALLY through honourable and honest means.

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