The search for a story was a very difficult one. I took a long look at my gallery and videos. I found nothing. I got on instagram and facebook. Still, I got nothing. I tried listening to music for the slightest word that would make much sense in a story. Then, I listened to conversations. It had to be in there. So, I paid apt attention to the numerous gist I had with my colleague at work. I wasn’t exactly listening to understand, I was listening to pick out something. Drumming my fingers on the table, I heard him say something about charming. Was that it? I wasn’t sure yet but I already started the story in my head with incoherent sentences but I was determined to keep it safe in my head till I was able to pen it down. Here’s what my colleague said:

I find it charming when a lady finds it hard to open a bottle of water.

This may not be correctly quoted but I laughed shaking my head, then I thought about it afterwards. If I wanted to gain a man’s attention, what do I need to do and if at all I succeeded in doing so, how do I keep my man? So I thought,

What’s a relationship without God? What’s a union without prayer?

They say relationships don’t last because there was no love, no sexual contact, there was no this and there was no that? Well, today is you. Yes, you! What could you pinpoint as the cause of the failure of your past relationships and why isn’t the recent one even working out? (You can choose to share with us in the comments and hopefully you’ll find many solutions in the comments too).

Today, we’re doing this the God way, the Godspiration(inspired by God)  way today. I do not mean to sound like a Jesus junkie, that’s not really the aim.

See the aim is to bring to your awareness the God-factor in even the mindless and minute things we do. The aim is to put Jesus at the centre of every relationship. The aim is to build a strong army of women who through the power of prayer will bear fruits that will bear fruits upon fruits having as a solid foundation, The Rock. That’s the aim, that’s the idea and that’s the story.

Have a yourselves a very good evening.


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