Inspired by a blog post titled, ‘Just Do It ‘ , i write from the stables of a purpose driven and focused heart. Having seen so much today that threatens to pull my focus away from the things ahead, I’m going to need you to say this with me. You ready? Now say it, “I AM ENOUGH! “.   Say it like you really mean it, like your life depends on it. Actually, your life does depends on it. Depression is killing you and you know it. What other way to release yourself from the shackles of self-hatred and bitterness than to remind yourself that you’re enough just the way you are.

I’ve experienced a certain time in life when all that seemed to matter the most to me was, “oh wow, hot! ” ,”dashing” , “sexy!” and so on. I’m not quite sure I got all those. I mean I was nearly a mess, if not totally. Sure thing that followed was this self hatred for not living up to my imaginations. I was never enough for myself. But all that changed when I looked into myself and found true beauty. I had this divine resplendent image in my head and i had to carve and carve and carve, adorning this said image with all the marks of beauty which included self love amongst a ton of other beauty marks(it was more of an emotional something).  Now, I’m a lot happier with myself than before, although sometimes, just like today, I am moved to question my existence and beauty which has led me into creating this blog post. How else could I tell this feeling to fuck off than just being productive tonight?

The idea of robbing a bank, ripping your boyfriends or parents or helpers off to look absolutely stunning and hot should be absolutely debunked. The thought of thinking less of yourself Just because babes on instagram or your close friends seem to be threatening your very existence by their dashing posts and epicurean lifestyle should totally be banished from your hearts. Until you learn to love and appreciate yourself, accept and understand the pattern of your life, these petty things will keep bugging you and you’ll miss out on many opportunities that you could’ve just been a happy soul, spreading love and light.

Self love comes from a heart that truly knows true beauty, a heart that knows that beauty goes deeper than the surface, a heart that knows beauty isn’t even everything, a heart that accepts faults and is open to forgiveness of self . As long as you spend most of your time envying others, never appreciating yourself and being bitter about your own life, you’ll always feel like you’re never enough, like you’re a nobody, like Anastasia and Drisella in the famous Cinderella Story when really, you’re Cinderella.

I want you to first, realize that you are the only you and that you’re on a whole different race. What matters is that you get to the finishing point, not you finishing the race first. I want you to recognize that you’re timeline and destiny is entirely different from another. Above all, I want you to understand yourself and your life pattern. Forget instagram! The highest fraudsters live there! Wherever you are in life now, just make sure you’re not petty or shallow. Stand out in your own little community. Little by little, raise standards. One day, you may get to be the envy of all.

         Food for thought

withdraw within yourself and examine yourself. If you do not therein discover beauty, do as the artist who cuts off, polishes, purifies until he has adorned his statue with all the marks of beauty. Remove from your soul, therefore all that is superfluous. Straighten out all that is crooked, purify and illuminate what is obscure and do not cease perfecting your statue until the divine resplendence of virtue shines forth upon your sight.



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