Like a thousand stars that light the sky at dawn, so are the words I want to say to you. I want to tell you that  i miss roast corn at lunch hour and all other cheap thrills. I want to say that I was just being irrational in my thoughts, I mean I never even thought about it. The words just rolled out. I was too blind with rage that I refused to listen to your plea. “no no no. I’m done with this shit!”
I met this guy. He was all I dreamt of and more. He drove a nice ride and he was hot. Went out a few times and he said the right words, words he knew I wanted to hear. He said; “you’re beautiful and I know you know. This world is yours only if you would ride with me”
“Ride with you? ”
“I’m not going to spit poetry lines on you. I’m only going to state facts. One is; you’re beautiful. You already know. And the other is, you deserve more”
I smiled. Something about the way he said it made me feel I’d been missing out in life. Beautiful girls deserved more. I told myself over and over again. That’s how i remember it, the way it all just kinda started. First, I got tired of, “take a cab. I’ll pay when you arrive”. I was beginning to get used to, “babe where you at lemme come pick you up”. I got fed up when I wanted to spend some couple time instead I got, “my family house is full right now and my guy has his babe over at the lodge”. Who wouldn’t prefer a well elaborated apartment with no fear of interruption from either friends or family members?
Then one day, I ended it all with just a useless and worthless argument. You want to know what happened next? I moved in with my new man. I loved it. It was The Life. One day, as quickly as he dashed into my life, he dashed out. I became just another girl with no form of eccentricity like I used to have. I became just another used girl.

More often than not, ladies are driven into believing that “nkiruka”(the future is better) forgetting that “nkemjika”(a bird at hand is worth more than two in the bush). Beautiful women allow themselves to bask in the euphoria of fake love and later they are crumpled and tossed aside just like when you unwrap a parcel and toss the wrap aside. So, when this happens, writers evolve from all around the globe (given yeah, it’s a very good inspiration), writing about how ‘you said you would love me till the end of the world but now I can’t find you in the place I hoped you’d be’. Here, lemme give you a better line; “I had a good man but I fucked up”. There! That’s it, in its simplest form. Men are humans too and they’ve got a heart, you know? Stop thinking just about yourself and the wrong someone else did you. Maybe when you acknowledge your own faults, you’ll become a better and happier person until some other guy comes along. Remember this always : you are one you. if you ever loose yourself trying to find someone else, you may never live through it. STAY WOKE!


Good morning beautiful people.


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