Happy Birthday to US: YIPPEE we just turned One! (1)today. This blog for me surpassed our expectations. We got views…a whole lot, got comments, recommendations and even nicknames. But I won’t tell you about that now. whats important is that when we started this blog it was just a trial, lets see what niche we could hijack  in the blogosphere and before you can say  hotjollof!  we got followers abut 5000 twitter and Instagram each, wow!!…now that’s huge given our inconsistency. Now imagine if we go skrrrr pa back to back??? it is gon’ be amazing… So Happy Birthday TO US..CHEERS!!!

So we just got back from a season of merriment and enjoyment. Welcome Guys.First of all, we sincerely apologize for being quite inconsistent. is actually the Lord’s doing and well human weakness. After all Man proposes and God disposes. I don’t want to get all Bible with you guys. (Though is actually part of my New year resolution to read more of the bible).That said lets get on to the main business of day

Happy New year guys! We wanted to do this on the first, but we decide to rope in everything together, so from the Hotjollof team we wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year.

that been said there’s alot of goodies lined up for you guys this year. Guess what?? the series section will be opened soon. Is gonna be more intense, mind blowing, seating gripping, heart wrenching stories…it will definitely make Telemundo look average. You get hooked to Amazing stuff trust me on this.

Am tempted to drop a snippet here but you just gonna have to wait. Also our interview sections will be up and running which definitely will be updated via our social handlers. Well I have to stop here now. Thank you for 2018 and please put on your seat-belts 2019 gon’be a Bumpy ride

I am just curious about life

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