It’s a happy new year as far as this niche is concerned. ☺
This post should have come up at the wrap of 2018 but hey, better late than the late. Ain’t nobody telling me nada!
My 2018 blogging life was what I’d like to call ‘ ahbragadabrah’. I started out as a blogger in the year 2017 after one brother like that broke my heart 😂.. Guys, i turned Awon Shakespeare o. I wrote a lot and was very active on facebook with my writings that my sister adviced me to get a blog(ps, I’ve always been a writer. It’s just that the brother unlocked the potentials and made me a star literally. I may have to send a link to see this 😁). With little knowledge about blogging and of course school work, my contents dropped. Visitors dropped too. There was no brother to break my heart again so i could be inspired. It was a matter of the gravest urgency that i stayed true to my audience ’cause truth be told, y’all make my life pop, so there wasn’t much need stuffing you with quotes and motivational posts when i myself wasn’t motivated to do anything. I didn’t want to put my life ouchea, ya know. So, a great confession : i was scared. I made a lot of mistakes in blogging in the year 2018. So, for my 2018 blog story, let’s just say there isn’t any only a few things you have to avoid in order not to have my 2018 blogging life as a part of your 2019 creating life.
*Laziness is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction.
*Inconsistency makes you unable to start again
*Social media could be intoxicating
*Bingeing on anything that isn’t impacting is a sin!
*Fear, self doubt and ‘I’m waiting for inspiration’ go kill you.
*Grateful for this niche. It’s small and tiny but i feel this year’s going to be super fun in here.
“We unlearn and re-learn”
I can’t remember who said that to my hearing so I’m just going to go ahead and put my name on it. 😂
Sylvia ♥


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