This short story by Azubuogu Chinatu is quite a nice reminder of what goes on when no one is looking. Enjoy!

*Uncle Kunle*

I could feel my legs as they shook so fast. Tears rolled through my eyes as I pictured every moment, every movement and every minute. Macabre was the right word to describe it. I could count every rain drop, I felt the cold piercing through me as I laid on the floor.
It was not supposed to be so. I wanted to consent, to feel the throbbing, to smile throughout the ride, to wear a certain cloth for the journey. But no! It brought pain instead, it was hard and dry. It hit me in every nerve, in every joint, in every wall. It was much for my 10years old vagina. It was roughly intense.
I laid on the floor as I watched blood and sweat flow through me. I screamed, but couldn’t hear myself. I was left with my tears, as he ran out immediately he was done. The pain was deep, but the memory was deeper. I tried to stop the flow of blood with my hands, but it was like a sieve. I was loosing every strength in me, as the blood kept gushing out of me. I felt a slight touch on my head and I raised my eyelid sadly. My sight was blur, but I could feel my mum.
‘Tonia’, she called out to me. ‘IT’S UNCLE KUNLE’, I muttered slowly as I breathed my last.



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I lost hope in humanity a long time ago. Now sarcasm is my only defense.

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