Hey fam. Feels absolutely refreshing writing again. Apologies for the inconsistency. I was on a leave. Lol.

In this post, I’ll be sharing why you need to take creative breaks. So… Leggo!
Whatever thought you’ve had about how to get something done and carry it out is called creativity. And because it comes from a deep place of thinking, most times it can leave you jaded ’cause you’ve just been drained. Other times, it can leave you angry at having spent so much energy and resources into your creation but at the end of the day it wasn’t worth it. Next thing you know, you’re giving up on that million dollar dream. Be reminded that just when you’re tired, you could use some rest. Not give up.

To begin, breaks bring better results. It improves dexterity. For instance, i believe I’ve acquired more skills than before, more ideas and Yup, strength from my long break. (see why i said don’t owe my inconsistency to nothing. I went through resurgence. ) i felt i was doing the same things over and over again. Sharing stories that have the same effect or in worse cases, none. A long break and I’m here writing something totally different from what i know myself to write. I trust this post will touch places where your lovers ain’t never been yet. Haha! (winks). Breaks help you to recreate. If that previous idea or design wasn’t worth the trouble, didn’t even come out right or didn’t hit a particular milestone, no worries. Just think about something else while you’re on this break.
Again, breaks are so expedient ’cause they enable you to shake it off. (After this, you might wanna listen to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off and dance a little, ya know. Lol). Breaks are indisputably therapeutic. They help to relax and calm every nerve in your body threatening to cut if you went on with what you were doing.
Sweetie, you’re a star and for you to keep shining, you have to give yourself a break, long enough but not too much. The world might forget you if you just disappear without a trace. A few months would do. While you’re at it, make sure you’re planning something bigger and better.
1) Sleep (very important)
2)Watch a lot of movies or TV programmes that inspire and interest you a whole lot. Read blogs, books and what have you.
3)Talk to random people. You never know who has the key to what you seek.
4) Continue creating but do not publish or release.
5)Go off social media or keep a low profile and just observe things
6)Pray for hindsight
7)Last but not the least, keep dreaming


PS, for the record, I’m a Nigerian student waiting on this strike to be called off. If you are too, gather around for a group selfie. Lol. How useful was this piece? Tell us in the comments. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and all the good stuff. See you next time. Bye!



Sylvia ♥


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