I’ve been in possession of this image since God knows when. I loved it at first sight, so i saved it quickly just incase instagram refreshed my news feed and i wasn’t able to find it again hopeful that I’d use it to create a content. Thankfully, today it came in handy.
To begin, I’ve classified this slay queen life into three categories.
A) The rich ones that hustle on their own
B) The ones whose parents or boyfriends are rich
C) The ones that hide under the umbrella of ‘hustling’
In whatever category that you are, i know you’ve found yourselves sometimes not being mindful of how much you spend looking good. I know that sometimes, you feed from hand to mouth. You don’t even have savings. You blow off your money at the next fashion. And i know that most of the time, you get broke. You always want to ‘pepper Dem gang’
Well, i neither want to sound sarcastic nor be rude about this but there’s not a nice way to say this. Y’all women have to stop slaying at all cost. Except you can boast of a stable bank account. I see a lot of post on the gram with captions like ‘boss lady’ and for a moment( ps, before you say any other thing, lemme confess my sins by myself :I’m a big stalker 😁), i open your profile and i see next to nothing. You’re just a beautiful woman with excellent fashion sense but no achievement. Bravo! Sis. Your ignorance is very unique and honestly, i admire the courage that you have to go through this naija life with that kind of lifestyle. I can’t even deal to be honest. What happens when all your ‘oil well’ dries up? Don’t follow P-square to sing ‘if i no get money, i get place to borrow’.
I believe strongly at this point, your conscience is shifting uncomfortably 😁. It will just fall and break if you don’t do something about your life after reading this post.
Work. Grind. Pray. That should be your own kind of pepper(not the kind in that picture o 😂 or any other kind) so that when stew done, e go enter their eye. In essence, I’m saying more hardwork and less slaying. Stay down and secure the bag.


For us in public universities, how en de be na? 😂 😁


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