This blog features a hot steamy blend of African subtleties.

Just as every vehicle in Africa(Nigeria) carries with it, its own peculiar dent, a telling scratch, so does the African mind; pain, frustration, love, hate, lust, pain again, joy, confusion etc. The blog seeks to explore and fuse all this together to give you a potent traditional African mixture -Jollof.


This should guide you on the different parts of the blog. We have four categories:


This is the parent category of the blog. It features the all the latest and also covers the un-directed musings of a disturbed brain. https://hotjollof.com/category/featured


This in full means; “In Conversation”. Posts┬áthat appear in this category are usually non-fiction and as the name suggest are conversations held with fellow Africans on subjects that don’t fail to scratch the heart, brain nor ribs.https://hotjllof.com/category/in.c


Have you ever had that numb feeling? Immediately after a stunning failure, after an unexpected loss and when all you hear is that beep sound -beep -beep? That familiar sound in form of a request by your heart, seeking your permission before it goes numb, frigid and cold? This category covers the pit-falls, the mud slides, the determined sling shots of life to get us down to our knees. https://hotjollof/com/category/frostbite


Well, this category seeks to make a mockery of our painful existence as Africans and more as Nigerians.